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" You can't put a limit on anything. The more you dream, the farther you get." Tvaran is a perfect carnival for sports aficionados from various institutes throughout the country. A conglomerate of myriad sporting events which provides platform to test the resilience of young sports enthusiasts in the most positive way. The beginning of this saga sets back to 2005, the year of Silver Jubilee of K.N.I.T Sultanpur. The legacy has continued eversince and Tvaran is hence successfully conducted every alternate year, with the upmost effable and euphoric spirit by the college and its students.Tvaran 2020, the sixth edition of this national level fest is once again set to bring with it the mind boggling combination of exhilarating on- course action and impeccable performances. And this time it's not just about competitions, but memories as well. Sports are about those incredible moments where sheer human desire and will overcomes the odds. These are the moments we remember. But a sports fest, it's much more than that. It provides that one fun factor which builds strong bond instantly between strangers which sometimes last for a lifetime.The festive atmosphere, spectators' gaze squarely fixated on the matches, chants, applauds, buzz of thousands of people on the campus streets- all will be part of the 3 day's extravaganza that ensues. And Tvaran takes this incredible opportunity to provide an experience worth reminiscing forever; a fest in its real sense. So brace yourself for the final showdown!


Tvaran is an epic that recites the stories of the greatest players from the technical institute of India. For starters, 2020 will witness the 6th edition of Tvaran, a festival which has grown from strength to strength ever since its inception. Initiated in 2005 the year of SIVER JUBILEE of K.N.I.T. Sultanpur, the SAGA of TVARAN continues this time, headed only to be better than before. After all these successful editions, Tvaran, today stands as the largest inter-collegiate sporting event of Uttar Pradesh.


It's about making memories, and living them. Everytime you win a race, or lose your voice cheering for your team, it adds up to your moments. The moments of seeing hundreds of participants putting their hard work and the bustle of thousands people on the campus, which you will remember for forever. We at Tvaran make sure, that you get an experience worth cherishing and some beautiful memories to treasure forever!


After two years hundreds of participants at Tvaran put their hard work to test in a vast array of sports. If this doesn't catch your attention, the bustle of thousands people on the campus streets surely will. Its them who make Tvaran a celebration of three long days.

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prof. R.K. Singh (Sports Convener)

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prof. Harendra Gupta (Co-Convener)

mr. Anurag Mishra (Fest Advisor)

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Let's do it Again

It's that time of the year again, when no ground remains quiet and no stand remains empty, when goals and baskets simply become excuses, to up the decibels and shout out loud!


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